Electro-spark deposition process is to use the high-energy power stored and release instantly between electrode and matrix with high frequency release, through air ionization channels formed between the electrode and matrix to generate an instant high temperature, high pressure micro-region. The electrode material is dissolved in the matrix in ionic state.

Not only due to quenching of metal surface to form martensite, and also deposition process of the narrow transition region to form ultra-fine austenitic organization.

How does cold welding save cost for foundry

Due to technical or raw material reason, it is very common to have defect castings, normally around 10% to 30%.

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What is Cold Welding

Cold welding has two types machine (Electro-spark deposition welding and Intelligent precision welding) …

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What types of defect hole can be welded

Most of the foundries will have rejection rate from 10%-30%, blow hole defect, sand hole defect, shrinkage defect, porosity hole

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Reasons & solutions of casting porosity defects

In the proportion of defects castings, air holes caused by casting rejection is still relatively large. One of the common defects of …

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Welding performance compare

Big difference between argon arc welding and ATOM cold welding, 

4 steps VS 1 step …

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