What is Cold welding technology


Cold welding has two types machine (Electro-spark deposition welding and Intelligent precision welding)


1, The electro-spark deposition welding process is to use the high-energy power stored and release instantly between electrode and matrix with high frequency release, through air ionization channels formed between the electrode and matrix to generate an instant high temperature, high pressure micro-region. The electrode material is dissolved in the matrix in ionic state.

Not only due to quenching of metal surface to form martensite, and also deposition process of the narrow transition region to form ultra-fine austenitic organization. 

(This type of machine is mainly used for casting defect hole welding)


2, Intelligent precision cold welding is relative to argon welding, cold welding technology by high current pulse in an instant through the workpiece and the repair materials to joint surfaces and quickly melt combination technology. 

(This type of machine is mainly used for thin stainless steel welding)


Cold welding generated rarely heat during the welding , welding parts and solder joint near the material is maintained at room temperature, so called cold welding.

Normal welding (up) , Cold welding (down)

Argon arc welding (up) , Cold welding (down)

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