Cold Welding Machine 

Reduce your product rejection to the minimum!

Thin Stainless steel welding

Channel letters welding

Aluminum welding

Steel casting welding



Over 20 improvements, easy to use, higher welding performance, and more stable. Suitable for Ductile iron / Gray iron / Copper / Aluminum etc.



Thin stainless steel sheet welding machine, can weld min thickness 0.2mm.

After welding no need polish no black edge strong combination.

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Qingdao Atom Welding Equipments Co.,Ltd. (China.) is a world leading cold welding technology research, equipment manufacturing company.

We have more than 10 years of experience in this field and keep updating our cold welding technology and improving the performance of the equipments.

The production of Cold welding machine (electro spark deposition welding machine) and Intelligent precision welding machine (thin stainless steel welding machine, channel letters sign letters welding machine) has reached the international industry specialization level.

Cold welding machine is mainly used for repairing all kinds of casting defects as sand hole defects, blow hole defects, pin porosity defects, small shrinkage defects, crack defects etc, suitable for ductile iron, gray iron, aluminum, steel, copper. Widely used in  automobile industry; electric appliance manufacturing industry; medical equipment; construction; steel structure industry; bridge construction and other industries.

Intelligent precision welding machine is mainly used for thin stainless steel welding, very shining welding surface, no black edge, no need polish.

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